British Flute Society Convention, Royal Northern College of Music

08.17.12 |1400-1450

Manchester, England

Lecture presentation: "Head Hunting"

The German Flute Society

11.09.11 to 11.11.11 |10:30 to 16:00

Wurzburg, Essen, Frankfurt, Germany

Special: Headjoints – Inside Out
In cooperation with Adams European Flute Centre we are very pleased to present the first, travelling headjoint exhibition in Germany.

Melanie Sever’s article about headjoints in Floete Aktuell 4/2010 had a huge positive response. Therefore we have invited Melanie Sever to Germany to do a series of lectures on headjoints, accompanied by an exhibition of all important headjoints (u.a. Brannen, Bernhard Hammig, Lafin, Mancke, Mehnert, Nagahara, Powell, Sheridan). This is a great opportunity to combine the theoretical and the practical. Some German headjoint makers will be present at this event, and there is the possibility to try the headjoints on your own flutes. A one of a kind opportunity that you shouldn’t miss!!

National Flute Association Annual Convention

08.11.11 |10:00-10:30 AM

Charlotte, NC USA

"Head Hunting" lecture

Adams Flute Festival

04.10.10 to 04.11.10

Ittervoort, The Netherlands

This 50 minute lecture/demonstration is designed to help you confidently find a new headjoint. An overview of the headjoint market, materials and design will enlighten the serious head hunter. Learn how to use the 3 "Ds" to define the parameters of your headjoint search. Attendees will have the opportunity to have specific questions addressed in addition to the overview presented in the lecture.