I highly value the opportunity and responsibility of teaching. The process of learning anything is inspirational and a motivation in itself - to be able to witness that process while teaching music, in particular, is a great inspiration to me.

I have over 25 years of private teaching experience as well as being on staff for flute clinics, public school programs and various retail music stores over the years. I am a licensed K-12 Instrumental Music Educator in the state of Minnesota which provides me with sound pedagogical strategies for all ages.

I accept beginners to advanced flute students. Children and adults are equally welcome. My teaching includes the learning of reading skills, ear training, music theory and the fostering of the development of improvisation for each student at every level. A mature and uniquely individual tone is the hallmark of my students, many of which have held the top positions in their respective music groups.

I apply a personalized approach in my teaching according to the aptitude and goals of each of my students. Whether you aspire to solo, ensemble, or private enjoyment with your playing, we can design your path to make it happen. Developing skills for ensemble playing is a focus for those students who are part of an orchestra or band, both to enhance the student's value to the group and their experience of it. The development of routine practice habits, focused learning, and the discipline of 'sticking with it' is also stressed as integral to the development of musical (and life) skills and the enjoyment of playing.


When enough interest in an area or within a group of students is shown, I assemble a flute choir. The choir is an opportunity to further ensemble playing skills and meet other people who share your interests. We explore interesting literature written or transcribed for flute ensemble. Performance will be at local churches and community events.