"Head Hunting" is an article designed to aid the process of looking for new head joints with contributions by flute and headjoint makers Kanichi Nagahara, Tobias Mancke, Dana Sheridan and more. Plus insights from industry insider Sarah Merrow. This is an extensive research article that explores the world of head joints with the of goal arming the reader with knowledge needed to assess needs and find an appropriate head joint.

The article explores the world of headjoints with a goal of arming you with knowledge to overcome (or at least reduce) the stress and confusion of finding a new headjoint. I discuss the preliminaries and include general advice about preparation for the hunt, an overview of the headjoint market, and an overview of influences on headjoint design. The article explores in detail the various qualities of sound that can be affected by different headjoints, such as projection, loudness, tuning, color, and responsiveness. And finally, it covers the effects of different materials, such as gold, silver, platinum, and wood, and the effects of alterations in the design of parts such as crown and stopper assemblies and risers, concluding with a brief discussion of how to learn more and what to do next.

Published in Jan, Mar, and April by online publication FLUTE FOCUS (www.flutefocus.com), the Dutch Flute Society's print publication, FLUIT March/June 2010 issues, and in German Flute Society's April 2010 print publication, Floeten aktuell.

You can view and/or download the .pdf on this page. Please use appropriate citation when using material from the article.

I have also designed a lecture/presentation based on the information in this article which has been presented at the 2010 Adams Flute Festival (Netherlands), the 2011 National Flute Convention in Charlotte, NC and will be presented at the 2012 British Flute Society Convention in Manchester, England. A copy of the handouts for this lecture can be found on the "flute finder services" page.